Just my cup of tea, this Illustration Friday.
I like my tea strong and black, sugarless and HOT!
Flavourites: earl grey, cinnamon or cactus. Red grapefruit used to be delicious, but I guess no one agreed because this is nowhere to be found anymore.
And: it has to be BAGS! I hate scraping tea bits out of my egg.

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When I grow up, I’d like to have two red cats.

I already secretly named them Wortel en Radijsje (Carrot and Radish). Only problem is both my boyfriend and my sister are going to sneeze their lungs out when I get them.

Maybe it’s best not to grow up anyway.

For Illustration Friday.
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For this Illustration Friday I permitted myself the freedom to:
* draw some parts with my eyes closed
* not come up with some brilliant concept but instead go with the first thing that came to mind
* post very late

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