In spring my nose defrosts. I never notice how scentless winter is, but when spring arrives it always strikes me how the smells of freshly mowed grass, blossoms and rain wake up my hibernating nose.

For Illustration Friday.
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This monster knows that the best way to scare somebody is to show up by complete surprise!
Ssssshh… he’s tiptoeing his way over to you!
(and by the way: ALWAYS check under your bed before going to sleep, it’s his favourite hang-out)

For Illustration Friday.
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For Illustration Friday, an old illustration just to celebrate my new scanner: YAY!

I made this for a freecard competition for MAG shoes. Assignment was to visualize the slogan “Mutual Attraction Guaranteed”. The winners got their design printed and that was very special to me, because I never had any of my designs printed before!

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Just my cup of tea, this Illustration Friday.
I like my tea strong and black, sugarless and HOT!
Flavourites: earl grey, cinnamon or cactus. Red grapefruit used to be delicious, but I guess no one agreed because this is nowhere to be found anymore.
And: it has to be BAGS! I hate scraping tea bits out of my egg.

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When I grow up, I’d like to have two red cats.

I already secretly named them Wortel en Radijsje (Carrot and Radish). Only problem is both my boyfriend and my sister are going to sneeze their lungs out when I get them.

Maybe it’s best not to grow up anyway.

For Illustration Friday.
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For this Illustration Friday I permitted myself the freedom to:
* draw some parts with my eyes closed
* not come up with some brilliant concept but instead go with the first thing that came to mind
* post very late

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